Does Dream Taker Entertainment only do certain types of concerts and events?

No, we are very diverse in our ability to serve any demographic and we work very well with a large diversity of people!

How do you work with vendors for your concerts and events?

Typically we charge vendors a flat fee for access to our concerts and events and we care about our vendors being able to profit!

How do we buy tickets to your concerts or events?

We use a diversity of methods for ticket sales and in the initial stages of our operations we will work with ticket facilitators to assist us in the distribution. This information will be available within the advertising and marketing we do for each concert or event individually!

How do I learn about vendor opportunities?

We will solicit and accept solicitation from vendors prior to each concert and event so contact us anytime!

What public information is available for your concerts and events?

We will create a POA (plan of action) for each concert and event individually for permitting and this information is selectively available upon request!

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